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Koetter Fire Protection provides backflow testing, preventers, parts, installation, inspection, and repair. Backflow preventers stop the unwanted reverse flow of contaminated potable, or drinking, water. We install preventers that are used to prevent unsafe water or “backflow” from reversing flow, contaminating the clean water. These backflow systems are critical, especially for public water systems or an apartment buildings potable water.

Backflow prevention system and testing FAQs

What is a backflow preventer?

A backflow preventer is a series of valves designed to attach to water pipes, allowing water to flow in one direction but never in the opposite direction. This prevents dirty water from contaminating a clean water system utilized for drinking water and other things.

Why are backflow preventers important?

Yes. Backflow preventers keep pollutants and other contaminants from entering potable water also known as drinking water.

Does my building need a backflow prevention system?

Yes and no. Backflow preventers are required in most municipalities for both residential and commercial buildings with potable water systems. For these regulations you will need to check with your local municipality.

What fire suppression systems require a backflow preventer?

Aside from needing a backflow preventer for customer restrooms, and other building facilities using potable water. Fire suppression systems that require a backflow preventer be installed would include Fire Sprinkler Systems, Water Mist Systems, Leak Detection Systems, Kitchen Fire Systems.

Does Koetter test backflow preventers?

Yes, all Koetter Fire Protection locations offer backflow preventer testing services. We also install, repair and offer maintenance packages as well.

Does Koetter install backflow preventers?

Yes, all Koetter Fire Protection locations install backflow preventers. They also repair and offer maintenance packages for entire systems.

What are the types of backflow prevention systems?

Air Gap, Reduced-Pressure Backflow Assembly (RBPA), Pressure Vacuum, Breaker (PVB), Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA), Reduced Pressure Zone Valve (RPZ)

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