Benefits of a Service Contract with Koetter

Benefits of fire systems service contracts.

Routine inspections of your fire protection systems either by you or a licensed professional are necessary and usually required by code. It’s important to know your fire protection systems will be inspected, tested, and repaired quickly and efficiently.

Here are 5 benefits of having a service contract with Koetter Fire Protection:

  • Emergency services and monitoring.
  • Building and code compliance.
  • Single provider for all life safety systems.
  • Readily available building reports.
  • Keep your people and equipment safe.

1. Emergency Services

All Koetter Fire Protection locations offer 24-hour emergency services, even during holidays, and we will send a technician to the site without delay. While we respond to all calls, having a contract with us means we’re already familiar with your building and its life safety systems. This makes fixing the problem easier and quicker, and it reduces your overall costs.

2. Know You’re Complying with Codes and Standards

Our technicians are all trained and certified on NFPA codes and standards as well as local laws and regulations. Service plans can be customized and updated when needed to remain compliant with these requirements. This includes annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and even monthly inspections when needed. We also submit all documents necessary to the local AHJ through Compliance Engine when required.

3. One Provider for All Life Safety Systems

We are licensed and certified fire protection professionals that can do it all. From alarm systems, sprinklers systems, suppression systems, to extinguishers and monitoring, Koetter Fire Protection can be your single provider. This eliminates the need to call multiple providers when you can work with a primary company that knows the ins and outs of all your fire protection systems.

4. Building Reports Always Available

We keep detailed records of all services performed on your facility. They can be easily accessed online in a single location for your convenience. Our ServiceLinks are cloud-based and always accessible. Here you will find appointments, reports, pictures, comments, invoices, and inspection reports.

5. Keep Everyone and Everything Safe

The most important thing to consider is the safety of people and assets. A service contract with Koetter Fire Protection is the first step towards reassuring yourself and others that your life safety systems are performing the way they were intended.

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