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Kidde FM-200 Clean Agent Fire Suppression

Industrial Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems from Kidde

Kidde FM-200 System Clean Agent Fire Suppression SystemNote: Numbers below refer to image (right).
  1. Fire in protected area is sensed by detectors and sent to control unit
  2. Control unit shuts down ventilation systems, sounding alarms and starting discharge of FM-200 agent into protected area.
  3. FM-200 is propelled into protected area through piping & nozzles.
  4. FM-200 quickly suppresses fire. No fire, no mess, back in business.

For All Types of Industrial Fire Protection

Processes Involving Flammable Liquids

  • Dip Tanks
    • Industrial/ Automotive Paint Booths
    • Coating Operations
    • Quench Tanks

Specialty Hazards

  • Modular HazMat Storage Facilities
    • Exhaust Ducts
    • Environmental Storage Facilities
    • Processes Involving

Electrical/Mechanical Rooms

  • Boiler Rooms
    • Switchgear Rooms
    • Generator Rooms
    • Furnace Rooms

Flammable Liquid Storage Areas

  • Flammable Liquid Storage
    • Paint Mixing Areas
    • Spill Containment Dikes
    • Bulk Storage

Three Choices of Fire Detection

Depending upon your hazard, one of these will best suit your needs:

  • Mechanical detection uses fusible link detectors to provide reliable performance at low cost.
  • Electric detection offers enhanced sensitivity and the design versatility of thermal, smoke or optical detectors for compatibility with just about any type of hazard environment.
  • Pneumatic detection combines high sensitivity with no- spark operation necessary for explosion- sensitive applications or where electrical power for system operation is not available.

Single or Multiple System Control

If you have one hazard area to protect, the Kidde SCORPIO™ Control Panel gives you microprocessor-based reliability in a fully supervised suppression release and alarm output system. If you’re controlling multiple Kidde fire alarm or suppression systems, the smart choice is the Kidde PEGAsys™ Control System , our latest detection technology that uses a "distributed intelligence" concept to offer more detection and alarm capability, faster response time, more immunity to nuisance alarms and lower maintenance costs.

The Right Cylinder Sizes

Your Kidde Distributor can choose from three sizes of agent storage cylinders using ABC or BC dry chemical: Kidde IND 21/25 (ABC/BC), Kidde IND 45/50 (ABC/BC) or Kidde IND 70/75 (ABC/BC) – to design the precise system that best meets your fire protection requirements while conserving hardware and dry chemical agent cost.

Superior Coverage

Due to our advanced nozzle design, Kidde IND Systems cover more volume of hazard area with less dry chemical agent than any other brand of total flooding system. Dry chemical is discharged both radially and downward to maximize coverage. What this means is that we can protect your application using a minimum number of agent storage cylinders. Less hardware means a lower installed cost.

Listed and Approved

Kidde IND Systems, with ABC or BC dry chemical agents, are listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., Underwriters Laboratories of Canada and approved by Factory Mutual for operating in temperature ranges from -40°F to 120°F.

Local Application or Total Flooding Designs

Kidde IND Systems are available in two basic configurations. In a local application system, the nozzles are positioned either overhead or tankside to deliver the dry chemical agent directly onto the hazard being protected. A total flooding system, recommended for protection of enclosed room and processes, rapidly "floods" the protected area with dry chemical agent to create an atmosphere that will not support combustion but is not hazardous to personnel. Koetter Fire can help you select the proper design approach for each of your applications.

For more information about Kidde FM200 Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems, contact your nearest Koetter Fire Protection office today!

Custom Engineered Fire Systems . . .

. . are required by businesses in the data processing, communications, aviation, medical & art industries.

Koetter Fire Custom Engineered Fire Systems! Koetter Fire specializes in Semiconductor Facilities, Cleanrooms & Wet Bench fire protection, as well as all other industrial applications. Prevent the loss of costly equipment, irreplaceable data and information as well as business interruption.
"Custom Engineered Fire Systems & Rates"

TraceTek Leak Detection from Koetter Fire
TraceTek Leak Detection from Koetter FireDesigned primarily to detect water leaks in computer facilities, TraceTek has become the standard for uses such as hazardous chemical supply and recovery in semicon-ductor production facilities, hazardous fluid monitoring & the monitoring of the interstitial space between the inner and outer wall of double containment piping systems.   more about TraceTek
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. . . of fire detection & suppression systems manufactured by the biggest and best industry names.

Our people are factory-trained in the design, installation, and service of these manufacturers' systems.
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