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Fan, blower door testing.

Gaseous suppression systems are effective for protecting valuable assets without damaging them, however, that’s only if the room can retain the concentration for the time needed to suppress a fire. A door fan test, also known as a room integrity test, is designed to predict an enclosure’s retention time in the event a suppression system is discharged. Blower door testing will measure the total leakage and determines how long an agent would stay in an enclosed space.​

You can view more information about Texas requirements for blower door tests here. If you have any questions about fan door testing on your old or new construction project, contact Koetter Fire Protection today at one of our regional Texas offices.

Blower Door Testing FAQs

When do we get the blower door testing results?

Blower door test results can be emailed to the customer while onsite.

Do you perform tests on residential homes

Koetter Fire Protection does not do residential testing.

What do the results tell us?

Our testing is for room leakage to calculate agent hold times. In the fire safety industry, “hold time” refers to the amount of time an agent will remain within a space. This information is important.

How long do fan door tests take?

The length of time a test takes ranges from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the size of the room and the amount of leakage.

Do we need to close our business to perform this test?

A business does not need to be closed. A test can be performed with minimal impact to regular business operations.

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