Badger Foam Fire Extinguishers
Badger Foam Fire Extinguishers

Foam fire extinguishers.

Foam fire extinguishers are effective on Class A common combustibles as well as both hydrocarbon and polar solvent types of Class B flammable liquids.  Mainly water-based, these foam agents utilize the same cooling effect as water extinguishers. Foam extinguishers put the fire out by lowering the temperature and smothering the fire by sealing in vapors.

Types of spray foam fire extinguishers

AFFF foam agents are environmentally friendly, have no odor, are non-toxic and biodegradable. They are also very easy to clean up.

Badger Foam Fire Extinguishers

Commercial foam fire extinguishers FAQs

What are foam extinguishers used for?

Foam extinguishers are effective on Class A common combustibles and polar solvent types of Class B flammable liquids.

What are some examples of polar solvent types?

Class B Foam Agents are ideal for suppressing fires involving petroleum-based products, LNG, rubber, and flammable and combustible liquids; such as diesel fuel, crude oil gasoline and ethanol.

What types of foam are available?

Koetter Fire Protection offers AR-AFFF firefighting agents for foam fire extinguishers.

How often should I get my foam extinguisher inspected?

Inspections should occur every month. This can be done yourself. Here are questions to ask yourself when inspecting your fire extinguishers:

  • Is the extinguisher where it’s supposed to be?
  • Is the extinguisher visible and easily accessible?
  • Is the pressure gauge operable?
  • Is the extinguisher full?
  • For wheeled extinguishers, what are the conditions of the tires, wheels, carriage, hose, and nozzle?
  • For nonrechargeable extinguishers, what do the push-to-test indicators read?
Do foam extinguishers come with a warranty?

Yes. Badger fire extinguishers come with a 6 year manufactures warranty.

How do foam fire extinguishers work?

Once deployed, the foam firefighting agent blankets the fire blocking the oxygen supply to the fuel, extinguishing or diminishing the flames.

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