Fire Protection for Tech and Data Center
Fire Protection for Data Centers

Fire protection for data centers.

Customized fire protection for data centers and mission critical facilities by Koetter Fire Protection meet the specific fire protection needs of data centers and their  equipment. Protect your employees, equipment and facility with a state of the art fire detection and suppression system designed specifically for your data centers needs. Below you can view some of the common fire detection and suppression systems you will find around technology centers and fire extinguishers recommended.

Levels of data center fire suppression and safety.

Building Level Fire Protection: This fire protection system will consist of standard fire suppression systems and extinguishers. Since critical equipment isn’t stored here you can utilize a more standard fire suppression system.

Room Level Fire Protection: Your servers and other critical equipment must be protected. Clean agents like FM-2o0 use a mixture of argon and nitrogen to decrease oxygen levels present in the room eliminating the fire. Get your automatic fire suppression system designed by Koetter today.

Fire protection for data centers.

Our customized fire protection solutions offer your data center, it’s employees and equipment a complete fire safety solution. From fire protection to security, Koetter Fire Protection has your mission critical facility and equipment covered. View some of our fire protection services for IT and technology facilities below.

Fire suppression systems for data centers and IT facilities.

Hover over / Click the dots on the graphic (To The Right/Below On Phones) to view data center fire safety solutions.

View NFPA fire safety regulations for data centers.


KNOX Boxes For Data Centers and IT Facilities.

When seconds matter, you can rely on KNOX boxes to ensure easy first responder access to your data center and IT facility. Any size fire is going to damage your business, don’t let it be worse by making it difficult for first responders to enter. Get a KNOX Box the industry’s most trusted fire department key box installed today!

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