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Fire Protection Systems for Public and Private Schools
Fire Safety For Schools | Fire Protection Systems

Fire safety systems for schools and educational facilities.

Koetter Fire Protection offers custom fire safety systems for schools and educational facilities that are designed to detect fires immediately so they can be controlled. With as many students and faculty that are in educational buildings daily, any fire small or large can be deadly. Koetter Fire Protection uses a variety of fire suppression systems to mitigate fires in public and private schools. Common suppression tools that are used in most educational facilities are automatic sprinkler systems and fire alarms as well as hand-held fire extinguishers.

Fire protection systems for schools and facilities.

Our customized fire protection solutions offer your school, it’s sports facilities, school buses and equipment a complete fire safety solution. From fire protection to security, Koetter Fire Protection has your school buildings, students, staff and equipment covered. View some of our fire protection services for airports below.

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Components of an effective fire safety system for schools. 

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