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Semiconductor Equipment Fire Protection Systems

Koetter Fire Protection International - Global Semiconductor & FPD Industry Fire Protection Solutions


Koetter Fire Protection International (KFPI) is recognized as the proven leader in the semiconductor industry, providing specialized fire protection services since 1961. KFPI understands that the cleanroom environment is unique in today's manufacturing and the requirements for cleanliness, performance, and business continuity are critical to the success of any semiconductor operation. KFPI is 100% dedicated to solutions for clean room manufacturing including semiconductor, LCD-TFT, FPD, photovoltaic, and more, with services and support worldwide.

KFPI has expertise in design, engineering, consulting, installation, maintenance, repair, and certification of semiconductor equipment fire protection systems. KFPI's experience includes protection of new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tools and retrofit of end user tools with individual and complex bulk protection systems. All of our fire protection systems are designed with the end user in mind, to ensure compliance and protection adequacy, along with reliability, performance, and longevity.


KFPI employs licensed, factory trained, NICET certified, and clean room qualified professionals to work in your facilities. Our Project Managers & Field Engineers work closely with the tool engineers to minimize tool downtime by expediting tool installations inside the clean room. KFPI staff has an average tenure of 20+ years in the semiconductor industry, and we ensure our installations are to the highest degree of quality and efficiency. KFPI's representatives in Japan & Taiwan, along with strategic partners around the world, can handle your global needs consistently from site to site. We work with our partners to ensure global compliance and service that exceeds our customer's needs.


KFPI is an authorized representative of the very best in Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Fine Water Spray (FWS), and Detection equipment that are widely tested, listed, and approved for use within the semiconductor industry. KFPI provides unbiased analysis comparing the benefits and limitations of each available product so that we can provide the best solution for the application every time.


    KFPI systems comply with all international standards including NFPA, FM, IFC, SEMI and CE. Be assured that your equipment is highly protected against fire risk and compliant worldwide.
    A single "false discharge" will cost an owner 10-50x the cost of the original fire protection system in lost production and downtime. In order to prevent false alarms and inadvertent discharges, KFPI uses the most reliable equipment in combination with our proprietary control logic to effectively eliminate "single point of failure" without reducing system performance.
    All aspects of a KFPI design are to maximize uptime to the equipment being protected. KFPI uses sophisticated controls to provide the equipment engineer with the information he needs to quickly identify alarm and trouble signals and return the equipment to normal operation. We also provide unique service and maintenance features designed to minimize downtime for the operator.
    KFPI provides Halar™ custom coatings to meet chemical compatibility needs of processing equipment. This ensures compatible protection that will endure the life of the tool without creating contamination or compromising reliability.


Koetter Fire Protection Offices: Dallas TX USA, Tokyo Japan, Tapei Taiwan
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