TraceTek Leak Detection
TraceTek Leak Detection Systems

Leak detection systems, design and products. 

Leak detection systems are designed to detect water leaks in computer facilities, water leak detection sensor cables were, and still are, used to monitor the concealed piping and valves beneath raised computer room floors. Other markets that quickly emerged included hazardous chemical supply and recovery in semiconductor production facilities, hazardous fluid monitoring in pharmaceutical manufacturing and the monitoring of the interstitial space between the inner and outer wall of double containment piping systems. Detect and locate a spills quickly with a state of the art leak detection system.

TraceTek Leak Detection Systems

Leak detection system design, installation and maintenance.

Koetter Fire specializes in high-quality leak detection systems installation, design and repairs. You can count on Koetter Fire Protection’s exceptional design strength to give you a well-conceived system and to smooth the overall process. As needed, we coordinate our efforts with your architect/engineering firm, as well as your general, electrical, and/or mechanical contractor. Our knowledgeable design teams are experts at coordinating the installation with other trades on the project to ensure smooth performance and on-time completion.

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