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Protectowire Linear Heat Detector Cable

Protectowire Linear Heat Detection

Protectowire Linear Heat Detection Cable- Fixed Temperature Heat Detector - Dallas, Texas

Protectowire Linear Heat Detection Cable is a proprietary cable that detects heat anywhere along its length. The sensor cable is comprised of two steel conductors individually insulated with a heat sensitive polymer. The insulated conductors are twisted together to impose a spring pressure between them, then wrapped with a protective tape and finished with an outer jacket suitable for the environment in which the Detector will be installed.

Fixed Temperature Heat Detector

Protectowire is a fixed temperature digital sensor and is therefore capable of initiating an alarm once its rated activation temperature is reached. At the rated temperature, the heat sensitive polymer insulation yields to the pressure upon it, permitting the inner conductors to move into contact with each other thereby initiating an alarm signal. This action takes place at the first heated point anywhere along the Detector’s length. It does not require that a specific length be heated in order to initiate an alarm nor is system calibration necessary to compensate for changes in the installed ambient temperature. Protectowire Linear Heat Detector provides the advantages of line coverage with point sensitivity.

Linear Heat Detector Features & Benefits

  • Identifies and displays, at the control panel, the alarm location anywhere along its length when used with the exclusive Protectowire Alarm Point Location Meter.
  • Sensitivity not effected by changes in ambient temperature or length of cable used on the detection circuit. Compensating adjustments are not required.
  • Steel inner conductors and select outer jackets, provide resistance to mechanical damage.
  • Simple to install and splice with common tools. Junctions can be made without effecting the integrity of the system.
  • Compatible with other types of alarm initiating devices on the same circuit such as manual pull stations, thermal heat detectors and smoke detectors.
  • Can be installed in hazardous areas when used with suitably approved Protectowire Control Panels.
  • Full range of temperatures and models available to accommodate the most demanding applications.
  • Different temperature detectors may be utilized in the same initiating circuit.
  • Available on stainless steel messenger wire for installations where mounting is difficult such as large open areas.
  • Portable test equipment available for easy field service.
  • Ideally suited for activation of extinguishment equipment, such as deluge or pre-action sprinkler systems.

Heat Detector Applications

  • Cable trays
  • Conveyors
  • Power distribution apparatus: switchgear, transformers
  • Dust collectors/baghouses
  • Cooling towers
  • Warehouses/rack storage
  • Mines
  • Pipelines
  • Bridges, piers, marine vessels
  • Refrigerated storage
  • Tank farms
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Computer rooms

Ideally suited to industrial high risk hazards as well as many types of commercial applications, Protectowire Linear Heat Detector has unique advantages over other types of detectors, especially when difficult installation factors or severe environmental conditions are present.

When used with a Protectowire FireSystem Control Panel, the Detector will activate a display, showing the location of an overheat or fire condition anywhere along its length. The Detector also meets intrinsically safe standards and is FM Approved for Class I, II, or III, Div. 1, Applicable Groups A, B, C, D, E, F & G hazardous areas, when the appropriate control panel option is ordered.

Heat Detection Specifications

The Detector is made in multiple temperature ratings to allow for differences in normal or ambient temperature. Guidelines for selecting the proper detector temperature rating are the same as for automatic sprinklers and other heat actuated devices. Refer to the Temperature Rating Chart for proper model selection based upon installation temperature limits.

The Detector’s product range consists of four distinct types of cable. Each designation identifies a specific outer jacket material which has unique characteristics that have been selected to accommodate the widest range of installation environments. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Protectowire EPC

Type EPC Protectowire consists of a durable flame retardant vinyl outer jacket. This series is best described as multi-purpose and is well suited to a wide range of both commercial and industrial applications. The outer jacket provides good all-around performance for most installations. It features low moisture absorption, resistance to many common chemicals, and excellent flexibility at low temperatures.

Protectowire EPN

Type EPN utilizes a dual jacket consisting of an inner layer of vinyl with an outer film of black weather resistant 612 nylon. This cable is specifically designed for industrial applications such as conveyors, where abrasion resistance is of major importance. In general, the outer nylon sheath substantially improves the cable’s resistance to abrasion, some acids, aggressive salts, oils and petroleum products while maintaining good electrical and mechanical properties.

Protectowire EPR

The EPR series contains an extruded flame retardant jacket of polypropylene elastomer with a special UV stabilizer added to enhance weathering performance. It is intended for a wide range of industrial applications and is characterized by high resiliency, good abrasion resistance, excellent weathering properties and exceptional high temperature performance. EPR provides better overall performance at higher ambient temperatures than either EPC or EPN.

Protectowire TRI

Type TRI Protectowire is a unique dual temperature detector which is capable of initiating separate pre-alarm and alarm signals once each of its rated activation temperatures is reached. The Detector consists of a durable vinyl outer jacket which features low moisture absorption, resistance to many common chemicals, excellent flexibility and flame retardant. For complete information on this product, please refer to Data Sheet 9114.


All cables are rated for 30 VAC, 42 VDC. Resistance is approximately one ohm per five feet (1.5m) of twisted pair (two conductors).Type TRI is .3 ohms per foot (.3m) of twisted cable (3 conductors).

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