The Digital Customer Experience at Koetter

Koetter Fire Protection of Austin invites you into a journey through the future!

Here we will explore the new generation in our business environment and how it is driven by digital devices and web-based platforms. These advancements give our team the ability to collaborate and leverage real time information to better serve you. Join us as we discuss the exciting new software and processes implemented at Koetter Fire Protection of Austin.

Service Link

Service Link is your online after-service reporting where Koetter Fire Protection will confirm that we did what we said we would do. Here you will find photos, voice memos and comments documenting the service at your site. You will get complete transparency into services performed, issues found by technicians and what was done to resolve them. This feature also executes a seamless invoicing process.

Service Portal

The Service Portal is your online account where your service history is displayed 24/7/365. Here you will have the ability to request service and view upcoming appointments. This is your one stop shop for all your inspection reports and documentation.

Quotes and Automation

Through our web-based platform you will receive online quoting including photos and detailed descriptions of the service to be performed or the deficiency to be repaired. This process yields a more efficient quoting process, especially in the field, and our automated job booking gets the ball rolling. You are in control while you interactively approve services or request changes as we track the progress.

Scheduling and Dispatch

Our new web-based platform delivers swift reaction to inbound service calls as we answer your questions, schedule your service and update the entire team with a few clicks. Your records are found instantly while technicians are tracked and redirected so you get the fastest response time possible.

Inspection Reports and Compliance

We have now eliminated outdated, cumbersome paper inspection reports. With our unmatched, growing database of safety devices and code requirements, we deliver inspection solutions for NFPA that make building safety inspections easier and more accurate – which leads to greater compliance and lower cost.

Koetter Fire Protection of Austin strives to continue impeccable customer service and is extremely excited about sharing our new resources with all of our customers. We encourage you to contact us today to see our brand and culture in action. We look forward to securing your peace of mind, safety and providing hassle-free service for your business.

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