Amerex Wheeled Extinguishers
Amerex Wheeled Extinguishers

Commercial, wheeled fire extinguishers.

Wheeled fire extinguishers can be easily operated by one person and are differentiated from “hand portable” fire extinguisher types often simply on the basis of their capacity or total weight. Wheeled units are available in a variety of sizes and extinguishing agents with capacities that range from 30 to 350 pounds. Wheeled fire extinguishers are chosen for the higher capacity (volume), higher flow rates, extended fire fighting range and extended discharge time.

Wheeled extinguishers distributed by Koetter.

Amerex Class D Extinguishers

Fire extinguisher inspections and testing.

Koetter Fire Protection services and maintains all types of fire extinguishers, providing all required periodic fire extinguisher inspection, service and maintenance, including: recharge, repair, fire hose testing re-coupling, high and low pressure hydrostatic testing.

Wheeled fire extinguishers FAQs

What types of wheeled extinguishers does Koetter sell?

Koetter Fire Protection distributes Amerex and Ansul wheeled fire extinguishers in the following types; Dry Chemical, C02 Extinguishers, Class D, Wet Chemical and Clean Agent wheeled extinguishers.

What class fire extinguisher do I need?

The type of fire extinguisher you will need is dependent on the type of fire you need to extinguish and the environment you are in. Certain fire fighting agents work better in certain situations than others. To find out more about the types of extinguishers your building needs feel free to check out our latest article on “knowing your fire extinguisher classes”.

How often do I need my fire extinguishers inspected?

Inspections should occur every month. This can be done yourself. Here are questions to ask yourself when inspecting your fire extinguishers:

  • Is the extinguisher where it’s supposed to be?
  • Is the extinguisher visible and easily accessible?
  • Is the pressure gauge operable?
  • Is the extinguisher full?
  • For wheeled extinguishers, what are the conditions of the tires, wheels, carriage, hose, and nozzle?
  • For nonrechargeable extinguishers, what do the push-to-test indicators read?
What are clean agent extinguishers used for?

Clean agent fire extinguishers discharge a rapidly evaporating liquid that is non-conductive. This liquid is also not corrosive and does not leave behind unwanted residue. This easy cleaning extinguisher is great for aircraft and data centers.

What are c02 fire extinguishers used for?

Because C02 is non-contaminating and odorless it makes it idea for safe use on food, documents, clothing, and expensive equipment.

What type of fires need dry chemical extinguishers?

Class A, B and C fires can be extinguished with multi-purpose dry chemical extinguishers. A great economical option for class B and C fires.

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