Area of Refuge Signs
RATH Area Of Refuge

Area Of Refuge Signs, Communication

Designed as a designated space in a multi-story building. An Area of Refuge is a place built to assist in the rescue of those who need help during an emergency. Individuals unable to utilize the stair wells can use these areas to remain safe until emergency responders or other help can arrive.

Koetter Fire Protections AOR spaces are designed with two way communication so that your personnel can remain in contact until help has arrived and are designed with fire rated cables to ensure communication stays open with those inside.

We also offer 24/7 monitoring services for all AOF alarm and communication systems.

Area Of Refuge Products from Koetter

Two Way Communication Systems
  • Addressable two way communication.
  • Analog two way communication.
  • IP two way communication.
  • Cellular gateways.
  • Two way communication call boxes.
Area of Refuge Signage for.
  • Elevator landings.
  • AOR stairwell locations.
  • Emergency signs.
  • AOR assistance signage.
2 Hour Fire Rated Cables
  • Offers 2 hours of fire protection on your area of refuge communication box cables.
  • Emergency Voice-Alarm Communication Smoke and Fire Alarm Systems (EVAC).
  • These cables are great for industrial, manufacturing, and commercial locations such as hotels, and airports.

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