About Koetter Fire Protection
About Koetter Fire Protection

Koetter Fire Protection

Since its founding in 1995, Koetter Fire Protection has expanded into a regionally based company with affiliated across Texas. From a local fire service company to one of the premier full service, specialty fire systems contractors in the state, Koetter Fire Protection has clients in Europe, Asia, and across North America.​

Together we employ more than 350 individuals across our regional offices in Texas. We strive to maintain humble, confident point of views, and a belief in doing the right things through teamwork, dedication, and commitment. Honesty and integrity, with a purpose, cause, and passion for fire protection, are key characteristics of all members of our team.​

We are a family-oriented, innovative company with dedicated and proficient employees. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality of services and products in the industry to our established and prospective customer base by doing business “The Koetter Way.” We are the solution that makes a difference. We are..​

“All you need to know about fire protection.”

Team Koetter