Water Mist Fire Fighting Systems

Water mist system design, repairs and installs.

Koetter’s water mist systems for fire protection deliver the performance and reliability needed to ensure your businesses stay operational. Using small amounts of pure water, mist suppression systems effectively fight fires while remaining harmless to people and the environment. Using these minimalist systems helps to ensure fire damage repairs and downtime are kept to a minimal after the fire.

Marioff HI FOG Water Mist Systems & Components

The right water mist suppression system for you.

Water mist fire suppression systems are all about making people’s and business’s lives safe and easier, even right after the fire is extinguished. These systems makes this possible by suppressing the fire with a fine mist to extinguish fires quickly with very little residual water. This incredibly versatile technology allows us engineer applications that can be applied in industrial building applications while releasing 100 times less water than sprinkler systems, yet effectively extinguish the fire at hand. This means there is less down-time and cleanup after the fire.

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