Fire protection systems for hospitals
Fire Protection Systems for Hospitals

Fire protection for hospitals, clinics and imaging facilities.

Healthcare facilities are one of the most highly regulated industries and is experiencing a growing number of fire safety concerns. Koetter Fire Protection specializes in fire safety systems designed specifically for hospitals, clinics, imaging centers and other healthcare facilities. Our fire detection and suppression systems offer your facility a cost-effective means of protecting its patients, visitors, and staff while maintaining compliance with all healthcare regulations.

These engineered fire protection systems for hospitals represents a management system tailored to your specific healthcare institution. Hospital fire suppression and safety systems are comprised of individual fire protection products. These products rely on each other to complete a system that detects and then suppresses the fire at hand. An example would be a fire suppression system without an alarm. Depending on the suppression system and firefighting agents used, your suppression system may only operate for a limited time and getting first responders on scene ASAP is critical.

Fire safety systems for MRI rooms and imaging centers.

Our customized fire protection systems for hospitals offer your MRI room, it’s employees, and equipment a complete fire safety solution. From fire protection to security, Koetter Fire Protection has your hospital, imaging facility and critical equipment covered. View some of our fire protection services for hospitals below.

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View NFPA data on structure fires in hospitals.


KNOX Boxes For Clinics and Imaging Facilities.

When seconds matter, you can rely on KNOX boxes to ensure easy first responder access to your healthcare clinic, imaging center or hospital. Any size fire is going to damage your business, don’t let it be worse by making it difficult for first responders to enter. Get a KNOX Box the industry’s most trusted fire department key box installed today!

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