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Reliable Two-Way Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement

During an emergency, reliable communication is critical. Staying informed with clear radio transmissions between first responders inside a building and emergency personnel outside the building can help prevent further injuries and save more lives. Emergency Responders lose communications when in-building radio signals are weakened by structures such as concrete, windows and metal. To solve these communication challenges, look no further than Notifier and it’s distributor Koetter Fire Protection.

Notifier’s Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) System is a signal boosting solution designed to enhance in-building radio frequency (RF) signal coverage for public safety radio. They are high gain, high power band-selective signal boosters/bi-directional amplifiers that can integrate directly to a Notifier fire alarm control panel. Designed and customized to meet all public safety frequency band ranges, it is intended to provide reliable two-way radio and FirstNet signal coverage inside building, tunnels and other structures. The band selective design delivers reliable performance in even the most challenging RF environments. When combined with Notifier’s fire system, Notifier provides the reliability and quality expected from a life safety solution.

The BDA Solution article

A BDA System is a Life Safety System. Similiar to fire alarm, BDA is a code driven requirement. The BDA system must be monitored by the building’s fire alarm system and annunciate the status of any signal booster(s). The monitoring panel shall provide visual and labeled indication of the following for each signal booster:

  • Normal AC Power
  • Signal booster trouble
  • Loss of normal AC Power
  • Failure of battery charger
  • Low-battery capacity

Koetter Fire Protection of Austin, LLC strives to continue impeccable customer service and is extremely excited about sharing Notifier’s newest products with all of our customers. We encourage you to contact us today to see our brand and culture in action. We look forward to securing your peace of mind, safety and providing hassle-free service for your business.

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