Clean Room Fire Safety for Semiconductor Facilities

Clean Room Fire Safety for Semiconductor Facilities in Austin, Tx

Koetter Fire Protection of Austin, LLC is a historical leader of clean room fire safety in the “high tech semiconductor market.”

Being actively involved in life safety means taking the precautions to prevent the endangerment of people jeopardized by emergency incidents associated with a location’s management. In a semiconductor setting where hundreds to thousands of employees may work in a single plant, adequate preparation is key to their protection.

The semiconductor industry requires many expensive equipment to function. With all high technology devices there is the concern of electrical fires, smoke, gaseous releases, and more. It’s critical that fabrication plants are equipped with the necessary life safety systems to prevent loss of life but to also protect assets.

Koetter Fire Protection of Austin, LLC has over 32 years of experience in advanced detection, suppression, and notification in the high-tech semiconductor industry of Central Texas. With the influx of businesses moving to Texas there is now a higher demand for high quality life safety systems and even higher quality work.

VESDA Smoke Detection for Semiconductor Facilities

Clean room fire safety with VESDA by Xtralis for semiconductor facilities.

For smoke detection in these facilities, our experts recommend VESDA by Xtralis. VESDA, short for Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus, these smoke detectors are used for early warning applications where emergency responses to a fire are critical. They buy time to investigate alarms and commence the appropriate responses to prevent injuries, property damage, and business disruptions. They also have the detection industry’s widest sensitivity range and multi-level alarms, so even minute levels of smoke can be detected before a fire has time to grow.

For more information on model types, requirements, what your facility needs, and more, contact us at (512) 251-7888 and speak to an expert today.

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