Gas Cloud Imaging Detection
Cloud Imaging Gas Detection

Cloud imaging gas detection.

Designed with a range of detection up to 5,577 feet, the Honeywell Rebellion Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI) camera is perfect cloud imaging gas detection system for larger sites and extended areas. With it’s advanced snapshot hyperspectral imaging for real-time detection, identification, and quantification of gas leaks, this system is a must for larger facilities. Get real-time alerts that create actionable alarms with a live video display of the gas leak as its happening. This video can be used to give you a clear visualization of the leaks location, size and wind drift to help asses and verify the threat at hand.

Cloud imaging benefits.

  • Fast, accurate and clear verification of gas safety system alarms with location, and size of the event enabling rapid, efficient mitigation.
  • Early leak identification drives health-based maintenance to reduce potential safety threats and to drive emissions management.
  • Automatically monitors, identifies, and quantifies gases, 24/7 in real-time.

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